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Ivanna Khitsinska
Esplanana street 20, office 420, Kyiv
+38 067 149 91 28
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CPAU was formed by and represents the interests of production companies making commercials and is the only one national association which presents interests of commercial production industry. The CPAU’s objective is to create the best possible business environment for our members to operate in. We provide standard contracts regulations, production advice, recommended crew rates, training, promotion and marketing members services and helping members to access new markets in the Ukraine and internationally.
Valeria Sochyvets
22, Prorizna street, Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine
+38 093 249 91 50
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Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema is a company that was originally founded in 2015 as a filmmakers collective and the only platform in Ukraine to promote young Ukrainian cinema. The first 7 films productions by CUC were made independently from state financing. As an LLC, CUC was founded in 2017. After traveling widely at festivals and winning a number of awards, the company moved on to more ambitious projects financed by Ukrainian Culture Foundation and Ukrainian State Film Agency. To this date, CUC has produced 13 short films, 2 feature documentaries and 1 fiction feature. The company continues to promote and screen films by young Ukrainian filmmakers. We have held around 300 screenings, a film festival for first films Kinoohlyad and over 200 master-classes by new Ukrainian filmmakers. CUC has a following in Ukraine and abroad. CUC’s films have been screened at various festivals, including Sheffield Doc IFF, Odesa IFF, Molodist IFF, Clermont-Ferrand, Palm Springs ISFF, ISFF Sleepwalkers and Docudays. Our projects won over 100 awards in Ukraine and around the world.
Alona Bulat
Turgenivska street, 50/1 house, of. 92, Irpin, Ukraine, 08201
+38 050 846 82 31
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Mission EASECI: Forming a holistic image of Ukraine as a European state, as well as promoting the process of formation of a strong intellectual Ukrainian nation in the economic and political crisis. The strategic goals of the organization are: 1. Promoting the cultural, spiritual, intellectual and creative development of the Ukrainian nation, 1.1 Combination and cooperation of different types and segments of business, local government and the public sector of the creative industries, IT, online broadcasting and journalism and representatives of cultural institutions. 1.2. Influence on the audience in order to form cultural and spiritual values and public opinion. 2. Restoration of the image of Ukraine as a center of high spirituality and world-class culture. Promotion of Ukrainian culture, art and historical heritage of Ukraine abroad. The main activities of the Association are: 1. promoting the improvement of the investment climate of social entrepreneurship and the development of creative industries in Ukraine; 2. promoting the development of cooperation in the field of culture and creative industries between Ukraine and the Eastern Partnership countries and member states of the European Union by building international relations between creative social entrepreneurs, organizing international and interdisciplinary collaborations and innovative forms of information and creative exchange; 3. popularization of integration of modern digital tendencies and technologies into the cultural space of Ukraine by promoting the use of innovations by the subjects of creative economy in order to overcome cultural distances and establish dialogue; 4. promoting the development of impartial cultural journalism, in particular as regards the economic contribution of the arts sector to development, the solution of social problems and the formation of values.
Ivanna Khitsinska
Saksahanskogo, 70a, Kyiv
+38 067 149 91 28
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The Film Industry Association of Ukraine was founded at the end of 2016 to organise and represent the interests of independent film producers in Ukraine. Our aim is promotion the comprehensive development and popularization of Ukrainian cinema both in Ukraine and abroad, together or in cooperation with public authorities, private structures, charitable foundations and representatives of international structures.
Julia Kakhanovska, Director of Television Industry Committee, LLC
7/9 Yaroslavskii Lane, of.10, Kyiv, Ukraine
+380 44 353 13 98
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Professional association of leading TV-channels and media agencies. It represents interests of television industry of Ukraine. The main goal of TIC is to promote the development of TV industry in Ukraine.
Olga Lyubarova, Casting Director, Chairwoman
Kyiv, Ukraine
+38 093 699 83 83
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Association of casting directors of the audiovisual industry of Ukraine, for the development of common interests, the formation of professionalism in the industry, raising the status of the profession, ensuring the free exchange of information, ideas and standardization of work practice.
Anna Machukh, CEO
72, Velyka Vasilkivska str., 01032, Ukraine, Kyiv
+38 067 386 49 01
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The Ukrainian Film Academy is a Ukrainian association of experts and professionals in the field of cinema and film production, founded in 2017 to support and develop modern Ukrainian cinema. Since 2017, the Ukrainian Film Academy has been holding the prestigious "Golden Dzyga Film Awards" annual event.
Zhanna Maksymenko-Dovhych, Head of Guild
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The Ukrainian Guild of Directors was formed to consolidate and represent the professional interests of Ukrainian film directors.
Victoria Yarmoshchuk, Executive Director
02232, Ukraine, Kyiv, Mykoly Zakrevskoho str., 22
+380 44 459 46 10,
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Ukrainian Motion Picture Association (UMPA) is a professional NGO presenting interests of Ukrainian filmmakers locally and internationally. One of the main UMPA goals is to create favorable conditions for the national industry in cooperation with public authorities and representatives of international structures. UMPA was founded in 2011. The Ukrainian Motion Picture Association cooperates with public authorities, non-governmental and field-specific initiatives. UMPA members take an active part in the reform of Ukrainian legislation in the field of cinema, including initiating and implementing projects to modernize the system of state support for the film industry.
Volodymyr Voitenko, Head of Union
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The Union is a professional assembly of Ukrainian film critics and journalists. It administers the professional Kinokolo Awards, with annual ceremonies recognizing ten categories of achievement in national film production.