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Olena, producer assistant
01042, Kyiv, Ukraine, Filatova str. 10-A, office 2/14
+38 093 449 59 35
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435 FILMS company majoring in the production of feature and documentary full-feature films. Therefore, the company successfully works in the field of co-production and provides film-service for international projects in Ukraine. Company constantly participates at Ukrainian and international co-production film markets and initiates educational programs for young filmmakers. The films of 435 FILMS production were shown at Berlinale, KVIFF, TIFF, PÖFF, OIFF, ext.
Co-production Documentary Feature Service TV series
Denis Ivanov, Producer
of.212, 30/39, Shchekavytska Street, Kyiv, 04071, Ukraine
+38 050 386 83 95
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Arthouse Traffic is the first Ukrainian film company that specializes in distribution and production of art cinema. The Company has produced such feature films as Rhino by Oleh Sentsov, 107 mothers by Péter Kerekes, Dondass by Sergei Loznitsa, 2 short film collections by Ukrainian directors, that was screened at various international festivals. Also, Arthouse Traffic co-produced The Tribe by Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy that won 3 awards at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival's International Critics' Week section and European Discovery of the Year by European Film Academy.
Co-production Documentary Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other)
Alyona Bulat
Bud.28, off 86, Yurkivska street, Kiev, Ukraine, 04080
+38 050 846 82 31
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Charisma Group was founded in 2013 in Kyiv to develop Ukrainian culture, form sustainable business practices in the creative industries sector and integrate them into the European cultural space. The main activity of the company is the audiovisual sector - production of film and television films, video content for media platforms, as well as advertising. 2020 Charisma Group started to develop and bring to market new brand - new multimedia platform Digital Media. DIRECTIONS OF ACTIVITY - Creation of cultural and socio-artistic projects, and their implementation in audiovisual format and media space, combination and collaboration of representatives of different spheres and countries; creation of an international partnership for the implementation of these projects; - Organization of creative events to identify smart and potentially promising youth: conducting brainstorming, intellectual clubs, pitching ideas and analytical programs; assistance to them in their development, promotion of their projects, which forms qualitative indicators of the dignity of the Ukrainian nation. - Coverage of important issues of the creative environment and organization of socially important events in the cultural environment and the sector of creative industries - Solving the problems of selected target audiences, protection and assistance to vulnerable groups. - Providing training, mentoring support for the development of creative entrepreneurship. - Influence on selected audience groups in order to form cultural and spiritual values ​​through informational and educational work, quality media, events, audiovisual works and involvement in the implementation of social projects of this audience.
Documentary Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) Own facilities TV series
Igor Razdorozhnyy, CEO
+38 048 704 40 60
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CINEMA 6K is an international film studio established in 2011 in London by an independent film director Vladek Zankovsky. Since the opening the studio has had strong presence and operations in Israel and Ukraine. From the very beginning CINEMA6K has been successfully implementing crowd technologies for its productions. As a result over 1300 people from 54 countries took part in the studio’s biggest feature film “The Zohar Secret” with initial budget raised on Kickstarter. Facilities: feature, animation, other (short feature, music video,co-production, own facilities
Animation Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other)
Valeria Sochyvets
22, Prorizna street, Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine
+38 093 249 91 50
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Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema is a company that was originally founded in 2015 as a filmmakers collective and the only platform in Ukraine to promote young Ukrainian cinema. The first 7 films productions by CUC were made independently from state financing. As an LLC, CUC was founded in 2017. After traveling widely at festivals and winning a number of awards, the company moved on to more ambitious projects financed by Ukrainian Culture Foundation and Ukrainian State Film Agency. To this date, CUC has produced 13 short films, 2 feature documentaries and 1 fiction feature. The company continues to promote and screen films by young Ukrainian filmmakers. We have held around 300 screenings, a film festival for first films Kinoohlyad and over 200 master-classes by new Ukrainian filmmakers. CUC has a following in Ukraine and abroad. CUC’s films have been screened at various festivals, including Sheffield Doc IFF, Odesa IFF, Molodist IFF, Clermont-Ferrand, Palm Springs ISFF, ISFF Sleepwalkers and Docudays. Our projects won over 100 awards in Ukraine and around the world.
Igor Savychenko, Producer
45A, Nyzhnioyurkivska Str., 04080, Kyiv, Ukraine
+38 044 361 44 26
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Directory Films is Ukraine’s leading film production company with international recognition. Films produced by our team are regularly accepted by international film festivals and successful at cinemas.
Animation Co-production Feature Service
Svitlana Rudiuk
+38 066 034 71 51
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We are a young film studio that tells honest stories about Ukrainians for themselves and to the world. We speak different cinema languages, such as documentary and feature films, series and advertising. We discover new talents and light the stars. Dozens of our commercials help partners tell their own stories and be heard. We strive for you to have an unforgettable experience with us and at the end of the day to wish yourself Dobranich (Goodnight)!
Animation Co-production Documentary Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) TV series
Natalia Libet, [email protected]
70A Saksahanskoho Street, Office 2, Kyiv 01032 Ukraine
+38 044 499 66 51
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ESSE PRODUCTION HOUSE is the first full-service film production company in Ukraine. Since 1991 it has delivered more than 800 commercials, industrial and music videos as well as numerous TV-series and feature films for leading international and local clients. Its work has been recognized by various awards and nominations including an Academy Award®.
Co-production Documentary Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) Own facilities Service TV series VFX and postproduction
Anastasiia Bukovska (Executive Producer), Danylo Kaptyukh (Executive Producer)
18, Vozdvizhenska Str., Kyiv, Ukraine
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Family is a Kyiv based Production company founded by hereditary filmmakers. We make a lot of content. Feature films, commercials, music videos, you name it. Our ads get Cannes Lions, our clients are our friends, our team is a big happy family.
Animation Co-production Documentary Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) Own facilities Service TV series VFX and postproduction
Julia Ivankevich
22, Zakrevskogo str., Kyiv, Ukraine 02232
+38 044 501 39 71
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FILM.UA Group is a media group creating and distributing content and also providing a full range of services in these fields. Brands and companies under a single management structure are the leaders of Ukrainian creative industry and successfully work at the global market.
Animation Documentary Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) TV series
Driz Mariia
Kyiv, Predslavynska St, 34b
+38 050 330 93 29
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We make documentary and featured films, business videos, advertising.
Documentary Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other)
Vladimir Yatsenko
Yaroslaviv Val 4 St., app. 7
+38 067 383 75 08
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ForeFilms (founded in 2020) is a production company, which inherits the Limelite (founded in 2005), producing international co-productions and a founding member of the Film Industry Association of Ukraine. During 15 years Limelite//Forefilms produced more than 600 commercials and several feature films, premiered in Cannes, Venice, Toronto, and other festivals. ForeFilms will concentrate on the production of high-profile author-driven films. Vladimir Yatsenko is a member of the Ukrainian Academy of Motion Picture Arts and European Film Academy. From January 2020 Vladimir became the first Representative of Ukraine in EURIMAGES.
Co-production Feature Service
Olena Morentsova - Shulyk
1/3 Kyrylivska Street
+38 097 904 52 61
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Ganzafilm Production has been created in 2016 out of a TV and media professionals, producing in Ukraine for more than 30 years. Our team is developing and producing Feature, Documentary and Animation Projects, as well as TV formats and digital Ads campaigns.
Co-production Documentary Feature TV series
Oksana Kosyk
Kyiv Pivnichna str. 16 f.4
+38 097 866 36 88
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Go Ua Production an independent production company in Ukraine for feature films, shorts, documentaries, musical videos, social projects. We are always glad to cooperate.
Documentary Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) Service
Andrii Korniienko
Velyka Vasilkivska str., 116
+38 067 631 81 12
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Good Morning Films - Kyiv-based Ukrainian production company founded in 2012. Focuses on development and production of original feature films, live action. The creative team of the company are professionals in the area of film and video production, visual effects, design and post-production. The mission of the company is to discover new names in cinema, it is beneficial to present high-quality Ukrainian films with high cultural significance to Europe and the whole world.
Co-production Documentary Feature TV series
Oleg Koshevoy, Executive Producer
Protasov Yar str. 8, section3, office 11, 02000 Kiev, Ukraine
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Since 2005 Gvardiya Production House has been creating commercials, films and video content. We have been in video production for so long that we still caught the time when we were shooting on film, for broadcasting the videos were recorded on Betacam cassettes, and the rendering of droplets on a bottle of beer took 2-3 days on the computer. Since then, Gvardiya has been a full-service production company that combines three main production departments: production, post-production and sound studio. The project starts and is broadcast at Gvardiya Production House. Thanks to this approach, our clients receive a project from one source. This allows you to optimize both the implementation of the project and its cost. It makes it easier for the client to control all stages of production.
Animation Co-production Documentary Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) Service VFX and postproduction
Andriy Suyarko, producer
17-25, Gertsena Street, Kyiv, 04050, Ukraine
+380 50 327 4906
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INSIGHTMEDIA GROUP is one of Ukraine’s best-known groups of film producing companies. The group is engaged in searching for new ideas and developing, producing and distributing audiovisual content of its own and of other Ukrainian film producers. The group also provides consultancy services and supports film projects of any complexity. INSIGHTMEDIA has since 2008 been engaged in supporting film debuts and producing short and animation films as well as in international co-production projects. Among the most successful projects implemented by the Insightmedia studios are Maryna Stepanska’s debut Falling and Roman Bondarchuk’s debut Volcano. These films have competed in dozens of international film festivals, including A-category ones, particularly the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
Co-production Documentary Feature Service
Olena Fetisova
14-16 Boulevard Druzhby Narodiv, Kyiv, 01003, Ukraine
+38 067 233 56 60
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Interfilm Production Studio was founded in Kiev, Ukraine in 2001. In a storytelling we are always looking for fresh styles, human stories and experimental narratives. Interfilm is skilled at bringing together international co-productions. Our films have a wide audience at the international film festivals, at cinemas and also are broadcasted in Ukraine and Internationally.
Animation Co-production Documentary Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other)
Lesya Sukhariova
Ukraine, 01011 Henerala Almazova Street, 6, apt.2 Kyiv
+38 098 583 95 05
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KRISTI FILMS is a Ukrainian film company founded in 2016 by some of Ukraine's most experienced producers Yuriy Minzyanov and Dmitriy Minzyanov, and a team of film experts with years of experience in commercial companies. Our team seeks out and works with young talented directors, actors, and technicians on the film production process. Not only do we create modern, quality films, but we also care about the growth of film as an industry by integrating only the best professionals into the filmmaking process.
Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) TV series
Vitalii Khalo
1, Akademika Koroliova ave., Kyiv, 03134, Ukraine
+38 050 330 27 13
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The Marcus Film team has been producing animation for movies, the Internet and television since 2003. Since 2011, Marcus Film has focused on creating original animated films. Filmography: 2013, Shop of songbirds, 18 min, directed by Lavrenishin 2018, Pupovina, 7 min, directed by Bubnov 2020, Unnecessary Things, 14 min, directed by Lisenbart
Animation Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) TV series
Andrii Tanabash, Denis Sezin
12, Illenko Yriiy Str.
+38 050 410 73 48
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Production and service company with more than 10 years experience on Ukrainian film and tv-product market.
Co-production Feature Service TV series
Darya Bassel
02097, Ukraine, Kyiv, Liskivska St. 8/24
+38 093 906 13 42
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Moon Man was founded in 2019 by multidisciplinary professionals who have experience not only in film production, but also in cultural management and festival distribution. The company focuses on creative documentary and fiction films with a strong author’s approach. Thanks to multidisciplinary optics, our team has the experience to accept the challenges of the author's projects. in development feature fiction ‘Nuthouse Road’ dir. Oleksandr Techynskyi (Ukraine) in production feature fiction ‘The Editorial Office’, dir. Roman Bondarchuk (Ukraine, Germany) in post-production feature documentary ‘A House Made of Splinters’ (minority co-production) dir. Simon Lereng Willmont (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine) in post-production feature documentary ‘Outside’ dir. Olha Zhurba (Ukraine, The Netherlands, Denmark) 2019 concert film ‘Rozdilovi Live’ dir. Vadym Ilkov (Ukraine)
Co-production Documentary Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) Service
Andriy Suyarko, Producer
17-25, Gertsena Street, Kyiv, 04050, Ukraine
+380 50 327 4906
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INSIGHTMEDIA GROUP is one of Ukraine’s best-known groups of film producing companies. The group is engaged in searching for new ideas and developing, producing and distributing audiovisual content of its own and of other Ukrainian film producers. The group also provides consultancy services and supports film projects of any complexity. NEBOKRAI FILMS which was established for the exlusive project to collaborate with famous Ukrainian and world well-known film directors. The first project which was lunched under this structure was The Border by Andriy Kavun.
Co-production Documentary Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) Service
Khaldon Araffa, CEO, Owner
03118, Kiev,Ukraine Lobanovskyi Ave, 115
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“Positive Film” company is an active company in Ukraine in various fields of technical production. “Positive Film” always seeks new creative means of technical production away from stereotypes to get a creative image of high quality. For this cause, our company depends on a group of scriptwriters, directors, local and foreign photographers. With new technologies being used in production. “Positive Film” performs the whole production cycle starting from writing the scenario and preparing filming theaters, till the final montage operations and getting the desired product of the highest quality. PROFESSIONAL PHOTO/VIDEO STUDIO The “Positive film studio” rental is a flexible Kiev area video production studio Our 56 sqm professional photo-video studios configured with Ultimate hardware offering the highest quality key. Utilising a dedicated background camera to take in our famous live view as a background, or anything else you so wish played in. In “studio Positive Film” we offer cutting edge production equipment and a talented and experienced team, including videographers, writers, commercial producers, and editors. We can provide facilities with or without crew — we’ll ensure your shoot goes smoothly and make you feel right at home! Services: - PRODUCTION - MOVIES AND SERIES - DRAMA - DOCUMENTARY - CORPORATE VIDEO - TV PROGRAMS - DUBBING - COMMERCIAL - MUSICAL CLIP - ANIMATION - PRODUCTION SERVICES - STUDIO POSITIVE FILM - PROFESSIONAL PHOTO/VIDEO STUDIO - VIRTUAL TOUR - 360 VIDEO - STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY - VIDEO EQUIPMENT - ECOMMERCE VIDEO EQUIPMENT - MARKETING/ORGANIZATION - WEB DEVELOPMENT - EVENTS ORGANIZATION - SOCIAL MARKETING
Animation Co-production Documentary Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) Own facilities Service TV series VFX and postproduction
Maxim Asadhiy, CEO
04070, Kyiv, Ukraine, 10A Naberezhno-Khreschatytska Str.
+38 067 465 02 12
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One of Ukraine's leading film companies, producing high-quality films, TV series and documentaries for over 15 years. Our films participated in numerous festival, as well as set local box office records. Three films by Pronto were in Oscars long-list. Pronto co-produced with USA, Canada, Australia, Poland, Germany, Austria among others. Currently seeking partners for family fantasy feature, historical drama about Holodomor, and world sales agent for epic action film DOVBUSH.
Documentary Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) TV series
Jane Yatsuta, EP, Partner, Head of Long Format
Ukraine, Kyiv, 04050 29-31 Glybochitska street 4th floor
+38 044 537 07 47
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RadioaktiveFilm Production has been operating on the international market since 1998. During this time, the team has created thousands of projects, from commercials for Apple, Diesel, Nike, X-Box, BMW, Mercedes, Audi and many other international brands, to music videos for Coldplay, Twenty One Pilots, HURTS, MØ and so on. Won more than 20 Cannes Lions, Shots Awards 2018 – The best production service company in the world and other most prestigious awards, such as the MTV Music Awards, British Arrow, etc.
Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) Service
Iryna Hrinko, producer
Peremohy Ave, 67, Kyiv, 03062
+38 066 025 93 26
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SE Film Production was founded in 2012 and is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. The production company develops and produces award-winning feature films and TV series, as well as providing the full scope of services for international productions.
Co-production Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) Service
Liudmyla Bobruiko, Director
Dilova street, bld. 6
+38‭ 098 805 88 58‬
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Solar Media Entertainment is a cutting edge Ukrainian full-service film production company, founded in 2016. It is unique and diverse, having produced eight feature films. Among them are both successful comedies and co-production arthouse festival films.
Co-production Documentary Feature Service TV series
Kateryna Haiduk
Ukraine, Kyiv, 02232, 22 Zakrevskogo Str.
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Star Media is a producer, distributor and owner of copyright to television and film products. The company aims to develop co-production with international partners and to create projects targeted at a wide audience. Star Media successfully develops its own television and Internet broadcasting, collaborates with streaming services. Being the largest aggregator in the CIS countries, the company has a well-established presence on YouTube. In December of 2020, the company launched ContentScan service intended to fight against piracy.
Animation Co-production Documentary Feature Own facilities Service TV series VFX and postproduction
Olena Golubieva, General producer, Studio director
9, Levanevskoho st., Kyiv, 03058, Ukraine
+38 067 607 10 36
More information:
The animation studio Chervonyi Sobaka has been producing and post-producing short and feature length films in Ukraine for more than 12 years. In our work we mainly use clay and graphic techniques. The studio has implemented some animation projects, for example, a full-length animated film «Victor_Robot», «The War That Changed Rondo», «Here by Herself», «Topsy Turvy», «Fish-tailed Girl» and «A Wonderful monster». Nowadays our main projects is the production a «Strichka», «Deep Water» and «Empathy».
Animation Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other)
Michael Margulis
Holosijivska Str. 7, building 1, office. 2/8
More information:
Studio KAPI is a Ukrainian animation studio founded by producer Michael Margulis and children's writer Natalia Guzeeva in 2015. Our focus is on the production of children's content, the consistent development of animation in Ukraine as an industry, and a worthy presentation of our country in the international arena. Also, we have a lot of ideas, labor, and inspiration, so sometimes we take on projects for young adults, social advertising, video-explanatory, etc. Developing animation, we create our own artistic language, images, approaches, techniques, thanks to which we depict the world of our children – for them and in their language. This is how recognizable characters and even archetypes appear. The prime examples are heroes Kapitoshka and Petryk Piatochkyn. We believe that our work contributes to the creation of a whole children's mythology – what patterns of behavior children will adopt; what will be of value to them and what will not; how they will think and how much empathy they will have. Our roadmap 2015 – Establishment of the studio KAPI by producer Michał Margulis and children's writer Natalia Guzeeva 2016 – Work on the concept of the film "Trouble Nubble Gum" has been started 2018 – The victory of the project "Trouble Nubble Gum" at the pitching of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and the film production start; – Four episodes of the first season of the animated series ""Myshko and Dzvinka"" was created in collaboration with the studio ""Borisfen"" and with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency. 2020 – Victory at the pitching of the Ukrainian State Film Agency with the project "Tiger is Strolling Around" 2021 – the film "Tiger is Strolling Around" was selected for the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, LA Shorts International Film Festival, Montevideo World Film Festival, Odessa International Film Festival, LINOLEUM Animation Festival, Golden Short Film Festival so far. 2021 – the project of the short animated film “The City of Happy boys” won the pitching of the Ukrainian State Film Agency.
Svitlana Solovyova, General producer
26V Ivan Franko street, Kyiv, 01030, Ukraine
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Film production company Svitlofor Film was founded in 2004 and is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Portfolio includes about 1000 realised projects including advertising and promo videos, short and feature films. In addition to local projects, the company has successful experience of service production for big international clients like BBC (UK), MTV EXIT (UK), Broadview TV (Germany), Paperny Entertainment (Canada) and others.
Co-production Documentary Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) Service
Yanina Sulima, Valeria Berezhna
4b Zlatoustivska St, Kyiv, Ukraine
+38 095 280 85 75
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The Martini Shot is production company based in Kyiv Ukraine, working with local and international clients and specializing in production service as well as development and production of audiovisual content.
Co-production Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) Service
Dmytro Sukhanov
of.45, b.284A, Sichovykh Strylciv str. Kyiv, 04050, Ukraine
+38 050 469 72 16
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Founded in 2003 as a commercial production company, it started to do service production in Ukraine for long formats in 2006. While doing service projects, in 2015 it turned to production of national content. Having started with some documentaries by state order, Toy Cinema received first financing for its own feature films in 2017. Today Toy Pictures is a member and co-founder of Film Industry Association of Ukraine, Production Service Network and a regular partner of Ukrainian State Film Agency. Company’s main focus is split between supporting new generation of Ukrainian auteur filmmakers and bringing quality international co-productions and service projects to Ukraine. Currently Toy Pictures is about 18 people in-house company in Ukraine and 3 people team in Kazakhstan, also doing services for commercial markets and long formats in both countries. Working with cash rebate system in Ukraine.
Co-production Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) Service
Olena Morentsova - Shulyk
1-3 Kyrylivska Street, Kyiv, Ukraine
+38 097 904 52 61
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UM Group is a production company working on feature, documentary and animation projects. Company is created by the TV and film professionals with more than 20 years professional background.
Animation Documentary Feature TV series
Polina Herman, producer
15A, Vavilovykh str., Kyiv, 04060, Ukraine
+38 096 375 11 88
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UP UA STUDIO is a Ukrainian film production company founded in 2016 by producer Polina Herman. The company produces short and feature films and documentaries, both for the festivals and for a wide audience. The company can provide a full cycle of film production and develop projects in the audiovisual sector. It also conducts large film events promoting Ukrainian cinema.
Co-production Documentary Feature Other (short feature, commercial, music video, other) Service TV series VFX and postproduction
Kryvorchuk Galyna
of. 6, 8, Petlury Str., Kyiv, 01032, Ukraine
+ 38 067 465 67 36
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VIATEL Film Studio have based on 1994 by Ukrainian film director Vasyl Viter. VIATEL Film Studio have made more then 200 documentary, feature short films and TV series. One of them TV serial “Game of Fate” (120 episodes) is the most popular on Ukraine TV channels. “Game of Fate” tells about the famous persons of culture, history, literature, music, theatre etc.
Documentary Feature TV series