VICTOR_ROBOT ( 2020, )

Movie 'VICTOR_ROBOT' Cover
Photo of Anatoliy Lavrenishyn
Anatoliy Lavrenishyn
Movie 'VICTOR_ROBOT' Cover
  • Director Anatoliy Lavrenishyn
  • Genre Adventure , Children ,
  • Countries Ukraine ,
  • Category Animation ,
  • Language Ukrainian ,
  • Cast Mariyka Aglotkova, Vasily Mazur, Rimma Zyubina, Viktor Zhdanov, Marko Halanevych, Bogdan Benyuk, Mariana Holovko, Anatoliy Khostikoev, Anton Slepakov
  • Running time 71 min.
  • Produced by Olena Golubeva
  • Production Company Chervoniy Sobaka Animation Studio
  • Co-financed Ukrainian State Film Agency
  • Scriptwriter Anastasiia Lavrenishyna
This film is the director's debut
Awards and Festivals: Odesa International Film Festival 2020 - Audience Award of the National Conmpetition Ukrainian Film Critics Awards Kinokolo 2020 - Best Animated Film Children KinoFest 2021 - Official Selection Ukrainian Film Academy Awards 2021 - Best Song


The distant future. The artificial star that is supposed to supply the energy of the planet around it does not work. The only one who can fix it is little Vicky's grandfather, who created this light. However, he mysteriously disappears. The girl together with her assistant - a tiny robot Victor - goes in search of him.
Photo of Anatoliy Lavrenishyn
Anatoliy Lavrenishyn